Friday, September 22, 2006

Running home 10.8miles

yo runners
i'm still on a high
after running home from work , from Wrexham to Mold
i thought is was 11.5 previously but dam this GPS garmin (not really ) but the GPS measured mileage is 10.8
i completed in 1hr 51
including some very slow bits trying to txt Chris evans on radio 2 !!but got txt number wrong

good news was it was at 10min 17 per mile pace and the last mile was under 10min

and then taking me back to Wrexham for my car Glynis & i went out for a meal - i had a wopping mixed grill- steak, lamb chop pork steak, sausages black pud, chips & bread roll
& didnt feel guitly at all. Poachers Cottage at the Ffrith - very good food (cant find pub web site but a few link to it).& even Glynis being a vegi didnt object

the garmin said i used up 1200kcal on the run

the bad part- dam forgot the vaseline, runners will know the problem of chaffing.

Shorter runs in week ahead in prep for Flintshire 10k race 1st october
happy running
just got a mailing about pharmacists in cardiff mara & 1/2
202 of us not a bad showing .

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Two new runners

Two of my pharmacy pals have caught the running bug.
Jonathan Underhill ran the Great North Run last year - his first and last ever race he said. But Jonathan has caught the bug and his running again this year. Great photo of Jonathan on his fundraising page for Leonard Cheshire.
Secondly , Gimmo , Paul Gimson - a son of Skem or Skelmersdale is running his first 1/2 marathon race this year, the Cardiff 1/2 marathon on October 15th.
I'm proud of you both . You must both be completely barking - running all that way AND the training. GREAT STUFF, get those endorphins !

The JOY of Garmin

My birthday present from my wife this year has been great, brilliant, wonderful amazing. Do you detect a touch of enthusiasm? YES. Because i chose it (and bought it from her :-) ) - a Garmin Forerunner201 running GPS. For anyone out there in the world who does notknow - it is a running GPS -or satelite positioning gizmo. This should not detract from any other presents my wife has bought me over our years together , all very useful and very well received with the love and kindness given; but this is different . It has given me a new lease of running life . 63 recorded miles since i started with it at the start of August until today 12th September. What fun it is going out on my old familiar boring runs - and knowing my pace , on the run, whether i am ahead or behind the virtual runing partner set at eg 9min 30sec per mile;measuring the exact miles; even the calories burned ( around 600 tonight on the intervals with the Buckley runners). So Cardiff 1/2 marathon here i come . What pace i'm not sure , but i'll work on that in the next few days .More on this wonderful gadget later. Isnt enthusiasm good? The post run high ? go for it .