Saturday, November 12, 2005

Abergele photo at the finish

its a bit painful by now after that short sprint , and i think it shows in this photo. !

And here is an extract from the middle of the results from the Abergele 'Slaters 5 Results'
148 0:38:25 BURNHAM, Richard N.E.W. Runners MV40 233 151
149 0:38:29 OLIVER, Andy MV40 222 152
150 0:38:29 JONES, Graham North Wales Road Runners Club MV40 117 153
151 0:38:33 VAUGHAN, Frankie Bro Dysynni AC MV50 106 154
152 0:38:44 LIGUORI, Raffaele Stopsley Runners Senior Male 177 155
153 0:38:57 SALT, Stephen Abergele Harriers MV50 238 156
154 0:38:58 ARMSTRONG, Stephen West Cheshire AC MV40 221 157
155 0:38:59 RIDINGS, Susan Buckley Runners FV45 102 158
156 0:39:05 LISTER, Tony North Wales Road Runners Club MV55 35 159
157 0:39:06 DAVIDSON, Angie Abergele Harriers FV35 100 160
158 0:39:06 WINSTON, Elizabeth Senior Female 92 161
159 0:39:09 ROSE, Ian MV50 40 162
160 0:39:12 BLAKEMORE, Ian Eryri Harriers MV45 27 163
161 0:39:13 WILLIAMS, Barbara Wrexham Tri FV45 74 164
162 0:39:17 BAILEY, Sid Deeside Striders MV45 127 165
163 0:39:24 CAHILL, Craig Senior Male 266 166
164 0:39:28 SEWELL, Jenny Senior Female 274 167
165 0:39:30 EVANS, Ian MV40 132 168
166 0:39:30 POWNALL, Lee Senior Male 248 169
167 0:39:30 BOWNESS, Nichola N.E.W. Runners Senior Female 234 170
168 0:39:33 PARK, Joe Cheshire Tally-Ho MV70 22 171
169 0:39:33 WELLER, Maurice MV70 55 172
170 0:39:41 BUCKLEY, David Senior Male 201 173
171 0:39:44 CARNELLEY, David Tatenhall Runners Senior Male 230 174
172 0:39:48 CHARLWOOD, Roma Bro Dysynni AC Senior Female 205 175
173 0:39:53 DAVIES, Rob Buckley Runners MV45 232 176

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Abergele 5 - a year on , endorphins & injury

A brief update of the running blog. Today 3 of us drove from Mold to Abergele for the Annual Abergele Slaters 5mile race. Nicky, Richard and myself. Last year i was very pleased to run under 40minutes. This year i am also very pleased to run under 40 minutes in different circumstances. Recent Blog entries have been sparse - due to injury. Following a long flight in August, and a couple of long drives, my knee pain of 3 year ago returned. I have consulted a physio, iced my knee on occasions, eased off the training, visited Salford Podiatry School for my orthotics to be rebuilt. Phil Laxton podiatrist at Salford University suggests that i try the adjusted orthotics for a while before a review. I'm not sure whether, if there is no improvement , to then consult the orthopaedic knee specialists. A call to the knee specialist at Gobowen Hospital Oswestry may be needed.

But today was a great event. Neither Nicky nor Richard had run this race before so we ran together for the first 2 to 3 miles or so. On the steep down hill half way around, Richard pulls away, Nick & I plod up the steep hill just afterwards. Nick has a goal. Not only to beat 40mins but also a rival runner who has finished ahead of her several times in recent races. Nick acheived both today, well done.
As i may not be at ideal fitness and still have some knee pain , i am pleased with a finish of around 39mins 53 sec. And a big thanks to the girl from Bro Dysynni Runners who helped me with a sprint over the last 200metrs or so. These endorphins from running sure can give the runners high, or is it the cameraderie or both ?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Snowdonia marathon from Simon

Great race, loved it - found it less of a strain to go up and down as
opposed to the continuous flat pounding of Amsterdam. Especially liked
the descent from Pen y Pass, then the fell race bit at the end - cracking.
Got round in 4:09, and couldn't find you in the marquee (you'd probably
packed up and gone by then!).

well done simon

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

my pal Graham runs Snowdonia marathon

my pal graham ran the Snowdonia marathon in 3hrs 40
just a 2weeks after Abingdon marathon in 3hrs 20


Hi all,

Here is a bit of my race report:

Cracking day out in deepest, darkest Snowdonia. Glad I made the effort now, well I am home now :-)

When I got up this morning it was persisting down here in Chester. When we got to Snowdon, it was even wetter! Rain drops like golf balls.

I could not find the guy whose number I was supposed to have and he had already picked it up. Thankfully, they had a few places left for late comers, so I registered.

By the time I got to the start my whole family was soaked with me and I was shivering. I almost cracked, but then I remembered I am destined to be an ultra-runner :-)

First 4 miles up hill! I met with a friend who is a sub 3er. He was going slowly, so I knew it was going to be a toughy. He paced me to 14.5 where I had the obligatory half way pee and said goodbye to him.

The whole thing got tougher until we reached past 21 and the climb from the pit of hell, but it could not deter me.... Though I did run/walk at that point.

At 23 a guy encouraged me to keep on and do not walk so I ran with him to the end. The next 3+ miles was all down hill, in the mud. Very slippy and very fast, but so cool to run. My last 2 miles were at 7:30 pace. Well impressed myself! :-)

A couple of guys had obviously slipped and fallen at the end, as they were covered in mud. The race is available on DVD, so I must get it as there was a camera at this point.

Best bit, a guy with bi-lateral leg amputation finished the race and came down that hill! Amazing! Spoke to him after and he admited he slipped over. What a runner!