Sunday, August 31, 2008

Olympics marathon TV & party- 2am Sunday times 3

The last 3 weeks have been late Saturday nights.
Firstly the Womens marathon on TV live from China with Liz Yelling the GB star for me., falling getting up, back to the lead , and then finishing just behaind Paula.

Last week - the mens marathon - what a race , & don't you feel for the athlete passed in the last 400m, an Ethiopian , passed by a compatriot.

This week - No not another marathon on Tv this week but the big 50th birthday bash. And with around 80 or so people there. A great celebration with lots of friends and relations. Wonderful catering by my lovely wife, my sister Aunty A & daughter M.

Perhaps i didnt drink too much as now Sunday afternoon i'm considering a hilly run. More than 100 running miles in August - a good base for Dublin 2008.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Running 'can slow ageing process'

Apart from the knees feeling a little sore after 17.5miles today this is good news.


Thursday, August 07, 2008

3rd Deeside off another improvement

Yes another improvement- beginning to enjoy this, that race does qualify as this weeks tempo.

June 38min49
july 37,59
Aug 37.30 thats 7min 39 on average yessssss

Now enjoying a lager shandy long time after the race - thats allowed isnt it - gym in the morning , stretch stretch stretch.

Can i ascribe the improved times to my marathon training - the 14,5miles on Monday evening? I think so.
Now time to plan for the long run and others for next week , a 15miler soon , and week after a 17miler ?
Maybe plan for intervals on the track this sunday, more training and to build up strength for the September off road race.

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