Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rhayader 20miles - 20mins faster woweeeeeeeee

What a day
A 2 hour drive to the beautiful countryside of the Elan Valley.
In summary - i knocked 20minutes off the time i managed 2 yrs ago.
I managed to focus and runn all apart from a few yards on the first lonnnggggg hill and a couple of water stations.

Here are some images.
The elevation - note 800ft of climb to mile 6 !

and the route of the course. Scenery AMAZING.

The run - challenging - ok for most of it helped by running for around 8 miles in the middle with a Scot from Shrewsbury thanks mate - especially for the rendition of Flower of Scotland when i caught you up at mile 19.
I found mile 16-17.5 or so difficult, i wanted to take my 4th gel, but had no water.
I saw a supporter with 3 lucozade bottle -
please could i have some of that.
oh thankyou thankyou
I gave 1/2 away to the next slow runner i found.
And then a good plot to the finish.

On average UNDER 10 minutes per mile.
yes !

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Monday, March 16, 2009

London run

Busy week , last week but i still managed intervals on Tuesday , a gentle jog in Regents Park Thursday and a 13 miler Yesterday Sunday.

Here is the route in London- the numbers are the laps which i had left at 0.25miles from the intervals.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Running in Rome

This is part of the route of my slow plof last Sunday morning from our Hotel into the park & back. My first visit to Rome. I am very impressed by its beaty and surprises churches and ancient treasures at many turns ; with the centre within walking distance from our Hotel off the Piazza Berbarini.

My visit to the Trevi Fountain dedicated to Dawn.

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