Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Great North Run

if i can get over this injury - will this year be my year of big runs? London marathon and the Great North Run in the same year. I have got into the GNR through the ballot ! :-)

Intervals;Injury & ipods (Mp3really)

Mixed motivation at the moment because i am injured again . Depression ! Happily I joined in with folks in Buckley Runners doing interval training January 9th & 16th with a slow jog of 9 miles on january 13th. BUT an ache in my left foot developed after the first intervals session. Eased for a week. Returned after the second interval session- depression, as i was set to run, and had trained well for the 4 villages 1/2 marathon in Helsby 21st january. I went on a test run 2 days before the 1/2 marathon- having been advised by Dr friends that if the inury eases with a run when warmed up then it may be muscular, otherwise it could be worse . Even STRESS FRACTURE- ahhhhhhhhrrrrrrrr. :-(( And trying a 5k run friday 19th the ache did not ease.
So a visit to GP
a visit to community hospital for xray
nothing found
& i learn that stress fractures may not show anyway.
Alternativive daignosis includes plantart fasiculitis ??
So having run 5k this w/e on a treadmill with no ill effects at the time , BUT a dull ache the day after.... i have contacted the physios and have a consultation next week.

Ipods - was to add to the alliteration (remember englaish language o level ? wow that seems ages ago)- but i have been testing downloading BBC radio 4 & 5 programmes to my Mp3 player- more discussion later