Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Border League Race - 1st Run after LONDON

I only decided around 4pm that i would be in the right frame of mind to race tonight.

I needed it for several reasons ,
to clear head after a busy day,
>to banish the blues of coming 3rd last at my only other Border League this season - when everything went wrong - too fast @ start then slowed and slowed;
>and also to see whether i can ease up after Sunday in London- for which i still have mixed feelings- only 9 minutes of my pb;
>and also to see lots of Buckley Runners folks tonight , and super Tracy39 (Prestatyn Runner in Mold) and meet fetch Simons Dad.

So tonights race- several aims as usual,
- to not come 3rd last
- to see whether i can run well after all the training for Londonand to see whats left after London.

As you can see by my splits , a satisfying race.
I set off near the back, and concentrated on not going to fast, run within myself, learning from the Caerarfon race!,
>so first mile 7:26 ok fastish , but within comfort.
>2nd mile i eased a bit - a few 6 or 7 passed me , i looked behind to check not at the back , slower 7 min42
>3rd mile - at 2.5miles i thought , this seems an ok pace , lets up a little , keep in contact with those who'd passed me , then i passed a few
pace 7:38
>4th mile , continuing after 3 mile marker - pace seems ok , lets reel a few in , counting mantra, I see another Buckley Runner ahead, F.
can i catch her.

I reel her in and pass , and try and hold pace
4.02 miles at average pace of 7min31.
That is pleasing.

Then a good value meal pie, chips peas for 4£ and a chat with Buckley runners. I left them to await the presentations .

Happier i return home via Sainsburys to buy bottled water- Dwr Cymru Welsh water say boil the water !.!!

Border League final event Wrexham
Split Summary
1) - 1m - 7:26(7:26/m) - 120cal
2) - 1m - 7:42(7:42/m) - 123cal
3) - 1m - 7:38(7:38/m) - 124cal
4) - 1m - 7:21(7:21/m) - 122cal
5) - 0.02m - 9(7:17/m) - 2cal

Pace Zone Summary
Pace Zone: 5:40-5:59/mile: 2%
Pace Zone: 6:00-6:19/mile: 2.5%
Pace Zone: 6:20-6:39/mile: 4.7%
Pace Zone: 6:40-6:59/mile: 9.4%
Pace Zone: 7:00-7:19/mile: 15.8%
Pace Zone: 7:20-7:39/mile: 20%
Pace Zone: 7:40-7:59/mile: 20.9%
Pace Zone: 8:00-8:19/mile: 12.3%
Pace Zone: 8:20-8:39/mile: 6.2%
Pace Zone: 8:40-8:59/mile: 2.2%
Pace Zone: 9:00-9:19/mile: 1.2%

The image is of the route from sports track with the 7min 22 mile highlighted.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flora London Marathon 2009

I really really enjoyed this my 11th marathon. On Sunday 26th April 2009 i ran my 3rd London Marathon .
So many highs.
And a few Lows.
As a spectacle , as an event , as a running community - this is one of the best, & in London.
This time , in my 3rd time in the race , i did manage to have a quick look at Buckingham Palace as i ran by. In my 2 previous runs ( sorry Ma am ) i just didnt notice it.

Some Highs
-the cameraderie of the running community, the virtual community , on Runners World and Fetcheveryone- and meeting W. a Clwydian runner who spotted me out training .
-the event, following my training, which i felt went well, the race itself seemed to fly by in an instant, looking back, even looking back from a few minutes at the end.
-running cammeraderie- Barry & Nicola who i had never met before but we shared many miles of fellowship, until Nic slowed, sorry we left you. The heat was intensive .
-finishing anoher marathon
-the glass of Guiness my brother in law bought and chilled for me for later around 7pm i think.
-that as my Garmin measured 26.7miles - maybe i should deduct 0.5mile from my time.
-official time 4hrs 29minutes, my fastest of three London Marathons.
-the crowd support, 'come on Rob'
-my daughter surprising me - by geting to 24 miles to wave a daffodil at me.
Proud Dad. Proud daughter ?

Some lows
-missing a pb by 9minutes, maybe another time another place ? different weather.
-my finisher bag not having a finisher shirt in it. Ok i have seen many complaints that theyare all XL, but it would have been nice not to have the hassle of having to contact FLM.
-a little too hot, and not quite guaging water intake, maybe a little too little early on.

But overall London marathon is a great event to be enjoyed , maybe not the best for a pb.
Overall most of my plans were ok, at the start early, bananas as pre race fuel, gels in a bumbag, and picked up more at Runners World support point (thanks guys), appropriate use of the facilities before the start (and thus no need during the race), meeting Fetch running pals at the start, and fortuitously meeting equal paced runners during the race- having 'aiming for 4:hr 20' on my back may have helped.

Dedicated to my friends who run, and those who cannot .

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Friday, April 03, 2009

Longest non-race LSR

My Longest Training run , not in a race, 24 miles.

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