Sunday, December 25, 2005

3 runs in Christmas week

Christmas Day - and a midday day run from Bwlch pen barra car park to the top of Moel Fammua with brother in law Robin. Only 1 3/4 miles each way , but going up the very steep path from the car park. We both managed to run to a few yards from the top on the very step bit by the Jubilee Tower. 36 minutes or so in total - a good run. Even Sister Hannah managed a run, while wife and daughters walked.
The mist covered the top of the mountain .
Knee pain - a little in the right knee later, or was that caused by sedentary position snoozing at 5pm post turkey dinner.
Christmas Eve Saturday - just over 2 miles with Robin, around the Mold recreation park then up the hill to Gwernymynydd.
Wednesday 3miles one circuit around the Flintshire 10k circuit.