Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Distance building up and plans

training log update ran 14.75 miles April 13th , with some very hilly parts, including 3 or so on tracks will Nigel (thanks for encouragement- it was needed ovr those hils) who joined me at mile 9 or so
-acheivement level high, it must equal 16+ on the flat
-aching ? yes , not enough stretching
preparation for Blackpool - good

that was over 30 miles last week
Tonight just a short interval session tonight 4x about 300m upthen down hill approx mile outside Mold, over 30 miles last week


Planning a 16-17 flattish tomorrow, either running home from work 11.5 (wrexham- Mold) then run with Nigel and others ?, or run from home later.
looking ahead
potential 1/2 marathon Tywyn Mid wales 1-5-05, then the south cheshire 20 (anyone else up for that? perhaps aiming for 3.5hrs??)
then chester 1/2m22nd May
-good to see all training plans and chat on the Blackpool discusion at runners world uk web site here
try the link its long so cut and past