Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wepre Run

A surprising run - thanks to Buckley runner Gwyn for leading/ helping me through this 9.5mile slog. Buckley Ewloe, measured mile 'sprint', Ewloe castle Wepre Woods, Wepre Park, 'top' Shotton, Shotton Lane, Ewloe, Liverpool road , Buckley. Slog, woods, mud, hills, hills , etc.
The Garmin GPS didnt wake up for 1/2mile or so , then lost the signal in the woods so only measured 8.2 miles .
some stats
1st measured mile
in fact 0.91 miles by garmin- 6min 56
later garmin measured miles
9min 44
1.1mile in 11.22
most of these UP hill from Shotton to Ewloe to Buckley

Monday, July 09, 2007

Italian Dolomites - 'Not only running ' in fact mostly walking.

Not ONLY Running
- this entry is dedicated to the walk 'leaders' - though of course they are not qualified guides, and carefully remind us of this-of Collets holidays -particularly Jess Ben Caroline & others based in Corvara, Altia Badia Region, Italy. We have just enjoyed 7 days in the Dolomites based at the Bracun Hotel Corvara.
The photo shows the 'introduction ' to VIA Ferata - goggle it for more info.
To be recommended
- as it was our first trip to the Dolomites
-scenery wonderful
-walks both the organised and the suggested walks - a wonderful way to see the countryside
-the via ferrata introduction - WOW! what a day , with excellent coaching on the scramble up, the actual VF intro & the Scree scramble down - thanks Guys Jess & Gemma - well done
-Hotel Bracun Staff & Collets - good food , good company ( & good beer - Weisenbeer recommended)
-the Refugios at the Dolomites passes, especially Refugio Boe at > 2500metres up!
- oh and yes this is a (mainly) running Blog - on the Tuesday of our visit & following our VF introduction & in the pouring rain, I did enjoy a shoty 2.5 to 3 miles jog.

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