Thursday, September 08, 2005

Exhilaration of the run in the rain !

Thursday 8th September- I've not been running much the last few weeks. But having a busy week in work this evening i needed a run . And was it an experience? Leaving Mold to drive to Buckley -the usual trepidation, how will i feel in the rain , will i get cold, have i enough layers? At the meeting point for Buckley runners in the Elfed School Buckley there must have been around 15 or so runners. And soon off - as it was after 7pm. The plan for many was a 7 1/2 mile from Buckley to Mold then through New Brigton and Altami to Liverpool road and back up to Buckley. I ran with these folks - and then cut it short at Altami lights -turning right for Buckley for an approx 5 mile run. Within 1/2 mile of the start i was soaked - but when splashed by cars - hey no problem it was cooling ! The general effect on the psychiw - is great - just what was needed ! Endorphins rule!. Now about the knee pain -- not too bad , but as i havent run more than 5-6 or since the marathon the Lake Vyrnwy 1/2 is out for me this weekend.