Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nightingale House Hospice

Once again my fundraising this year is for Nightingale House Hospice in Wrexham. or click this link

Chester Marathon 2012 minus 7 days

Marathon number 22 for me is less than 7 days away now. Chester Marathon 2012 is on Sunday 7th October starting at 0900hrs. The course is on the website , if you have a spare hour come on down and watch and cheer , you will have a surprising amount of fun. To a question from Mold running neighbour Will , am i still blogging ? Yes occasionally, here and slightly more often on The fundraising site for my runs in 2012 is up and running. Once again with your help i am fundraising for the Nightingale House Hospice in Wexham. The Fundraising website is . As i am running 2 marathons in 20 days , the first is Chester Marathon on October 7th, and then on October 27th the Snowdonia marathon. Thank you to many friends at Mold Methodists Church for donations to Nightingale House Hospice, this morning. You are all heroes. And this run is also dedicated to the memory of John Edwards a very active member of our church who has passed away in recent days. Now it is 7 days until the Chester Marathon, and its nearly time for my last long run - in fact a very short long run of 9miles. If you have any interest in a short little jog then the Flintshire 10k is in a couple of weeks here in MOld and organised and proceeds to Nightingale House.