Thursday, September 24, 2009

Buckley runners Superman- John Pares

Even though i cant run much at the moment my mood has been lifted.
This link is to my Buckley Runners colleague John Pares who has completed a 24 hour race and won a Commonwealth Bronze Medal running over 150miles.


Well done John.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Not running a marathon - disappointment

September 2009 was to have been the 2nd highlight of the year for me running -wise. After completing the Flora London Marathon early in the year, i put in more training throughout the summer months , particularly August. My intention was to run the inaugural Fleetwood marathon on 13th September. A personal best could have been possible as my running pal 'Ultra Dunc' had promised to run with me.

But to no avail.

Gutted !

The week before the race , i completed my last longish run of 9 miles, a little back ache. Then the following afternoon , i could hardly get out of a chair at work. My lower back had seized up. VERY painful to get up. I visited an osteopath on th Thursday & felt slightly better. But i did the wise thing and didnt run the inaugural Fleetwood marathon.

My pal Ultra Dunc ran a great race and acheived an amazing PB of around 3hrs 18mins. Running with me to 4hrs 18 would have been easy for you Dunc !

Nearly 2 weeks later i am easing back to flexibility. Fitness is good but i am not back there yet .

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