Saturday, May 12, 2007

London Marathon in a day

Briefly- early to bed Saturday, but its always not the best sleep as anxious to make sure up early . So up early sunday morning - i had laid my kit (and gear for pre & post race) out in the bathroon of my sisters house~ so as not to distrub others in the house ~ well not too much . Breake 0630 ish white toast & some porridge. Then drive to the tube station, a couple of runners easily identifiable by our FLM kit bags, and more runners at each station. My sister came with me ( big big thanks to Hannah for an early start Saturday to come to the expo & Sunday for the marathon) & We had planned to change at Bank Station for northern Line to london Bridge then Overground/South East Train to Blackheath- BUT distaster- Northern Line Closed- Luckily Hannah knew that it was only a few 100yards accross the river to London Bridge. Then the platform to Blackheath then the train like the undergound at rush hour ~ but friendlier, full of lots of runners looking healthier & fitter than me.

The exciting walk to Blackheath park Blue start masses & masses of people - and OOPs change of plan 2 - only runners were allowed into the baggage change area- so Hannah couldnt come to my pre agreed meeting point with pals. aha but that meeting point - by the first baggage Lorry was only by the entrance - good luck, i met up with Buckley Runners Sue & Ann, met briefly acouple of folks from Runners world discussion forum.
How did they find me ?
The cunning plan - the 3foot tall blow up daffodil purchased from the party shop in Mold for 3£.
Then ~ anxiety reduction again Pippa from Buckley runners found me - great - as we planned to run together. then the usual panics for Loo visits & setting bagage onto the lorries & photos. & a jog accross the now near empty reception area ~ from the loo blocks ~ to the start , At last - many months of waiting & training & 0945hrs Sunday April 22nd has arrived. & as predicted nothing happens as we are in pen 8 - next to the back !! it takes a leisurly 10minutes or so to get to the start & wave goodbye to Pippa's parents & my sister & hope we'll see them again on the course with my wife and brother in law ~ on the Highway mile 13 & 22 .
The start was a bit stop start - cos of the crowds , there had to be some walking as thousands of runners were forced through bottlenecks/ narrow area. We passed the man with the boulder - how did he get there ?? More later with Photos


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Buckley Runners 'win the league' !

Friday 4th May - the final Border league race of 2006-7 , then the presentations . ANd the mens team from Buckley won the league - well done .