Wednesday, April 26, 2006

and so to London 2007- Optimism ?

Here's to 2007
with the important part of the acceptance form for 2006 is the 'carry the place forward' to 2007

'Runs , rehab, and jogging tracks'

Recently during the UK Easter Holiday elder daughter, wife and I enjoyed ( well Glynis tried but had a good old UK cold !!) a chill out week at the Sheraton Miramar, El Gouna, Eqypt. Have a look at the web site - in real life the hotel looks nearly as good photos. But - to the running, and as part of my rehab, i used the hotel running track on four days , of course either before or after the heat of the day. My photos show the running track finish post - a measured 2k, with very helpful distance markers every 100m
Hotel jogging tracks seem oh so American - but at this place where running outside the hotel would be within the resort with Eqyptian drivers; so i am a convert. Another photo shows some of the bridges accross the lagoons of the hotel, the jogging track crossed many.

April Updates-optimism returning ?

A blog entry of mood changes. From the 'high' of the London Marathon acceptance in December to the realisation soon afterwards that for me the marathon will not happen this year because of my current knee pain. Thus a low mood. I have experienced the pleasures of private medicine ( put Dai Rees, knee specialist into google for many hits). I saw Mr Rees in March in the Orthopaedic Hospital at Gobowen, Oswestry . The good news - Mr Rees reasurred me that the anterior knee pain of the type i have is common and should be significantly improved by rehabilitation physiotherapy.Great thanks to Mr Rees for the confidence you have given me. Then to the physiotherapy department and 2 appointments to date.