Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dublin marathon - again.

Following my 'comeback' marathon in Dublin in 2001 ~I completed the Dublin Marathon again yesterday.
(The 2001 run was my 'comeback ' as it was my first marathon in my forties after running 2 in my twenties!).

So to Dublin 2007;
In summary,
my 9th marathon, goals:-
to finish , ACHIEVED.
to finish in 'not a personal worst' - ACHIEVED
to enjoy the day ACHIEVED
Also I ran all the way .

Lots and lots of highlights
The touristy bit of the bus tour of Dublin, the cream & green busses have a ‘live commentary’ as Craig and later Declan kept reminding us. And as for the singing of Danny Boy & Molly Malone – by driver Declan that must have been a free extra.

The Runners World ‘forumites’ pasta get together at Lougi Malaones . Thanks to Barry K. for organising the meal. Its always great to meet other runners. And a special thanks has to go to Liam, who says he is local though he sounds like a Lancashire lad ! Stockport FC ? For organising the meet up at Kennedy’s bar – which closes early – but then the visit to Porterhouse for their ‘Porter Ale’ and much needed post marathon food.

The Race itself – my longest ever race carrying a daffodil. Some people do some daft things to get attention. It worked !
The support from the spectators, the people of Dublin, runners relatives , and the many visitors from the U. S. of A. , was wonderful. In the last mile or so it was especially good, it made me feel so emotional, people calling my name (hint for runners – for city marathons – have your name in BIG letters on your chest it worked for me !) . Hey it feels good- thankyou Dublin.

Meeting up with Joggin Jon & Joggin Sarah & Mark from Telford at the start helped. Mark & I ran together, then Duncan (Darth Vadar from Runners world Forum ) joined us after 3 or 5 miles or so, and we ran together until around 13miles- also with Nurse ?Caroline from Manchester for a while !.
The 3rd ¼ of the race probably was a bit slower for me – I have yet to analyse the pace on the Garmin. But having (inadvertently) lost Duncan & Mark around 13miles I ran and chatted to folks for a while- Thanks to Melissa from Boston & a German runner from ?Hamburg . For the first time in 9 marathons , I experimented with carbo-gels . Experienced advice is never to do anything new on race day ! Oops i did. But luckily – taking small sips/ portions of gel & washing down with water they seems to stay down !
At around miles 17 & 18 I usually slow down , this time I am not sure . I got the ipod out at around 20miles and it was either the really bouncy songs – or the caffeine containing gel – I seemed to get a lift and renewed energy. A finish – jogging all the way – in 4hrs 37.

A great big hello to everyone I met and chatted to , thanks for being there , to Runners World Forumites- lots to mention , did ‘pink shoes from Rochdale really beat me by one second ??
Thanks to everyone who sponsored me for this and the Great North Run – together we have raised around £400 for the Stroke Association.
Thanks to Veranne L. & Duncan W.– who by entering Dublin Marathon months ago, gave me the impetus to join up. Even though we didn’t meet again on the day very well done on finishing .
Under 4hrs Dunc wow.

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