Monday, April 23, 2007

Flora London Marathon 2007- comments part1

Having returned back to North Wales this afternoon , my emotions after the marathon are still in turmoil. BEING POSITIVE - personally -like all the finishers i HAVE acheived something special.
In fact. reflecting some more there are lots of positives
goal number 1 to finish - ACHEIVED, success
goal number2 to run all the way and not walk- ACHEIVED= success
goal number 3 - to enjoy the occaision, ACHEIVED = success
goal4 finish well - hmmmm thats debatable cos it was another personal worst of 4hr51, but in that heat .... and i did run all the way ...
goal 5 finish in a personal best - maybe next time , there has to be something more to acheive.
goal 6 raise £1,000 for Nightingale House Hospice - ACHEIVED and EXCEEDED- thankyou everyone.
the story of the day will follow


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Want some inspiration for running, or for Life in general see this

I am currently getting excited about the London marathon with only eight days to go. In the last few days, chatting on the Runners World website discussion boards has given me much food for thought, help with the planning for the race, ideas and isnpiration.

Top of the insiration mountain are running Heroes Mick n Phil. Just have a look at their website at this link . How can anyone read of their story and not feel humbled. Sir Mick you are a hero. I met Mick n Phil at my last marathon in the blazing heat of Blackpool in 2005- it took me 10miles or more to catch up with them , wow what a pace !
See the link and be inspired.
Looking forward to seeing and hearing you at mile 25
'easy easy easy'
the chant / mantra of Mick n Phil.


20mile last LONG run pre London

On 3rd APril this was the route i took for my 2nd & last 20mile training run pre-London 2007. From Connahs Quay to Blacon on the cycle path (described before) & then onto the Canal Tow Path towards Ellesemere Port full route describes on gmap-pedometer here