Sunday, October 13, 2013

Oxford half marathon - thank you pacers. & splash splish

I'd just like to add my grateful thanks to to pacers at the Oxford 1/2, after doing pacing duties myself at Chester marathon last week- it is a responsibility.  I didn't know how much I'd have left in legs. My plan   was to hang to the 2hr pacer and see if I could go ahead at 10mile. But my enthusiastic daughter persuaded me to start near the 1:55 pace. We kept him in sight for a couple of mile, then I had to really dig in as legs felt heavy, and daughter pulled ahead 6.5miles or so. Around 8 or so I could hear the 2hr pace group closing - so tried to stay ahead- didn't work for long-so I stayed in the group for  a while, a  mile or 2, at 11.5 or so I seemed to get second wind and pushed on , or so I thought . I could hear the group not far behind. Very pleased to finish 9 seconds inside my target of 1:59:59. It's probably a lovely course in the middle along the paths & river, but I was concentrating on keeping my feet    as I sploshed through the puddles. 



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