Saturday, May 28, 2005

Around Flintshire 20mile -scorcher

Yesterday evening was time for another long run- in North Wales during the day the weather was hot ~20C. So i set off for the 20miler at 1840hrs ish with 2 bottles of 5five electrolyte drink, and jelly babies in the bumbag.
All going well, A541 towards Wrexham , flat for 6miles then left through Hope to Lower mountain road, 2-3 miles long and quet and views over Cheshire & Deeside & Wirral. Then uplhill , over a footbridge over the A55, then a quiet lane downhill then uphill to Hawarden. Left at Hawarden through Ewloe, under the A494 at Ewloe roundabout, through Northophall turn right then left to Northop lights , then for the 4 mile jog home. Coming into Northop i phoned Nige on my mobile, couldnt persuade him to run , it was 2130ish, but i was offered water sustenance , so i jogged slowly up the Northop,Sychdyn hill through to his house for a welcome rest and water and cold flannel. Then a 2 mile v slow jog home 25mins
It felt painful on arrival home- my hamstrings had tightened up. And cos of this and the very slow jog i felt down. It probably didnt help that my MP3player/radio gave up working at 10miles - i didnt need it then but it would have been most welcome later.
A very welcome pint of skimmed milk, then a smoothy pear pineapple banana apple juice did help.. .

I did try Paula Radcliffe's remedy - but not quite,- i'm not brave enough for the ice bath -so after my luke warm shower- i sprayed cold water on my seized hamstrings - a bit numb, but better.
Then onto the internet to share experiences with the blackpool marathon crowd on the forumsites do help to cheer each other up, and lots are doing long runs this weekend.
Now its Saturday evening i have got over the mental anguish /pain of the run, and can see myself running the 26.2 at Blackpool in 3 weeks - after all there cant be the hills i endured yesterday !Tonight to celebrate with a Murphys and a takaway curry

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

only 8 days ago I spoke to the Nightingale house hospice fundraising office about my marathon run at Blackpool on June 19th . That evening i set up the fundraising website at i mailed it around friends and pharmacy and running forums and tonight it is less than £2 short of 200£.
And i googled for Nightingale House Hospice and my page is just 2 below a news article about Paul Burrell raising money in the jungle from celebrity get me out of here. Thats 2 things in common - raising funds for the Hospice - and supporting the mighty reds of Wrexham FC. (relegated by the football league !)

tonight - just a short hilly run of 5.5 or 6 miles, short runs Wed and Thurs then a long one 18miles plus friday or weekend.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Chester 1/2 marathon and a personal best

great day
i had tried to work out some tactics - perhaps 8min 20 per mile for 6 miles then speed up. However- with a slowish start- i thought- up the hill in Handbridge after the start on the bridge- and i took up a comfortable pace . I found myself miling at under 8 minutes, for first few miles and comfortable- so lets carrry on !. 5 miles in 38 minutes or so , which beat my 39 minute for the 5 mile race in Abergele in December- but that was hilly.
9 miles in 1hr 10 and ok.
on the return leg- to Eccleston i tokk a steady pace and tried to continue and perhaps drive forward, i caoght and passed a few, including scouser in hoops who did South Cheshire 20. Trying to get spectators to cheer- added a bit of momentum. Then turned into Chester College on the last mile and a half. And there Nige waiting to run with me - what a star. He ran alongside the difficult bit of the turn left in handbridge, the crossing of the Dee -where i tried not to look at those completing the race and going under the bridge along the path to the finish. A cheeky loop by the little Roodee car park, keeping going under the Grosvenor Bridge, and with Nige's encouragement -as he nipped to spectator area- i passed around 3 or 4 in the last 100metres for an exhausting sprint finish. AND A new personal best of 1hour 43. great.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Chester 1/2 marathon -hopes dreams

its Friday night - and not much running this week , just 2 or 3 runs, but last night i did go to the chester 1/2 mara course , and ran 6 miles gently. hoping for a good time sunday , once i get going - my recent best 1/2m is just over 1hr 48, and i think best ever is 1hr 45 over 20 year ago- but the memory plays tricks- i;'d be delighted with 1:47 sunday
happy training

Monday, May 16, 2005

Fundraising for the hospice

i have just set up my very own fundraising website to donate money direct to Nightingale House Hospice- the hospice for North East Wales based in Wrexham.
Have a look and and a pound or 10£

Saturday, May 14, 2005

back to some training

after a relatively easy week, following last Sundays's 20miles, a regular 5.7hilly miles from home tonight Saturday. The mold Gwernaffield, cadole, Gwernymynydd Mold route. I forgot to set my watch timer at teh start . But i did manage approx 7min24 for the last mile downhill home. So i felt i worked hard especially for the last mile. Now friends Nige & Louise will be arriving to share a meal of salmon new potatos & salad/beef tomatoes. Wine for them and beer for me. and tio duiscuss running our joint Nige & I goal of under 1:45in Lake Vyrnwy 1/2m in September. And my Blackpool marathon goal in a month.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

2 weeks 2 races -what different weather !

A couple of weeks ago I managed a midweek 17miles,
from home flat route towards Wrexham for a loop of 9miles then 2 to Sychdyn 3 with Nigel and Mike , and 2 returning to Mold, and feeling good another 1/2mile past home then back . A another good run , with only feeling realy tired in the last mile, up the hill past home and back. A bit low at mile 11 before getting to Sychdyn, but great running with Nigel and Mike for those 3 miles.
Then May 1st the half marathon at Craig Aderyn, Tywyn, Mid Wales. My first run in Buckley runners kit. Pondering whether the vest/singlet would be too cold. BUT after the first mile or so - well warm on an overcast day. The race started at 1200, and luckily the sun only came out to make it Hot in the last mile or so. A good run 1 hour 48:08. Certainly a race to be recommended but not a pb course- due to the long hill out of Tywyn ten undulating quiet lanes around the Craig Aderyn/ Bird Rock. After a difficult middle of the race when a few club runners overtook me , from mile 10 to 12 running back to the village i was being caught by alocal runner - but that spurred me on to drive forward on the flat to the finish. He only overtook me in the village at around 12.5 miles. Thanks - just what a needed.
That built up for the longest run of the year the South Cheshire 20 on May 8th. A little chat was generated about this on teh discussion forums; including those of us planning for the Blackpool Marathon.
Following a warm week- the weather broke at the weekend - showers of rain then worse !
At registration in Shavington High school i met up with Sarah from Radcliffe running club- also aiming for 9 minute miles. great. good to chat at a good steady pace of 8:30min miles to 8:50. Even through the heavy rain and hailstone showers. They are right to describe the race as UNDULATING- it is hilly, with a good steep one at mile 9 or so.
All in all a great race - on reflection relatively comfortable, chatting the miles went by. I was tiring at mile 16-18, and remembered to use the diversionay tactics- devoting the race and running to my friends and naming them , especially those who cannot run due to illnesses or injuries. AT mile 18 i couldn't keep up with Sarah and i plodded home. Acheivement - under 3 hours which was my aim. How can i do another 6 miles in a few weeks , as those last 2miles were hard? But hey positive thinking - that was a hilly 20- that MUST equal 22+ miles on the flat . Positive .