Monday, December 14, 2009

December 10k, and New Year Run Ponderings

December 6th I ran the Helena Tipping Wrexham 10k, an enjoyable flattish race. 1st mile easyish - , then 2nd and 3rd i worked hard - overtaking a few- worked hard i thought. Mile 4 or so i took my run jacket off and unfortunately hit the stop button on my garmin. I heard a beep and thought nothing of it, only noticed later, approx 9min later. grrr Last mile i tried to keep a pace , ahead and with other runners 3 or so passed, then into the wind on a long - it seemed road- ouch. Then a left turn for the longggg 500metre run in, i tried to hold and increace my pace.Felt pleased to finish but didnt know my time . Then dissappointment a few days later - over 50mins.
In the summer in Musselburgh Scotland i ran sub 48min.
I need to analyse the pace from the miles i recorded- - garmin record is on the other pc. so later.

Stratford marathon ??

I have discovered a running podcast website , called the extra mile podcast.

And downloaded a few podcasts to my ipod. Yesterday i had a short 5 mile training run whilst listening to tales from other runners. This is a good distraction. Maybe useful for longer marathon training runs :-)