Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Edge Hill 5k- my first 5k race

thanks to Nige , Gary, Nic, Mike, Graham - another new race distance and another pb . Well it was a first over that distance.
thats pb over last 8 months
at 5miles under 40mins
at 10k under 47min
at 1/2marathon 1hr 43
and 5k 21 min 35s.
A new race - at Edge Hill College Ormskirk 3 and a part laps within the college grounds with a finish on the track. A runner was just behind me for the last km and i thought he would overtake me at any moment , so i kept pushing . then onto the track for 100mtrs and i went for it - sprint , great a tiring finish- he didnt catch me. Turned and shook hands, thanked each other - he'd done Blackpool half on the 19th .
photos later
possibly 50th finisher

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Paul Owen2 aka Welsh Valey Boy now in exile in England, tries on bandana at the pasta party the night before the marathon, well done on your finish time Paul, do come an support us again next year , when it may rain !  Posted by Hello

Blackppol Marathon the great Ron Hill, Rob Davies, Ron McAndrew (race organiser) Supergirl Pam veteran marathon runner Posted by Hello

Runners World Forumites 18 6 05 Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Blackpool part 1

just if you are interested
put 646 into the search for number link at Blackpool marathon

or try it here

lots of pain suffering and joy will be added to the very soon

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Many thanks for sponsorship

i am overwhelmed by the responses to my email requests for sponsorship for the Nightingale House Hospice in Wrexham for which i am running the Blackpool marathon next Sunday

thanks to Sarah moo, adam m, coxar, Jonny U Macca, Tim L, Mike G, Hannah, helen, Ruth, Louisa, Sue M, Alison H, Veranne, Serena, Gimmo, ANdrew L, Maill, Jane O, Robert P, Bath & Dave, Beryl, Gordon, chris m, Don J, Wyn A, Jim McM, GWilson, Arwyn, Michael, Vic & Joan, Roy & Carol H, Barry H, Ann L, Rhys D, Shan, June L, Jane T, Martin D, Berwyn, Bill, Eunice, Pauline J, Ray H (ace cartoonist) Jean & Graham P , Rhys P,

and more to be added.

Thank you everyone, - i and especially the hospice are very grateful to you all

Thursday, June 09, 2005

A Surprise Race

Tonight I went to the Buckley runners club night expecting to go for a run gently for about 5 miles or so. At the sports centre /school corridor where we meet there was – no-one but me . I had a quick browse at the notice board wondering what to do. Thinking there was probably a race tomorrow . I browsed at the races coming up. Deeside –off road series, June , that’s probably soon 9th must be soon, look at watch its tonight, so that’s where they all are. Where what time I want a run .

At 730pm from Corus steel sports & social club Shotton .
Aha I know where that is , I jogged past it the other day en route to the cycle path run I did. Can I get there – should be able to, in 20mins, lets see. Ok out of sports centre, down Liverpool road Ewloe, onto A494 dual carriageway down the hill no probs, off at Queensferry, ok at roundabout and lights, into Shotton , turn right ok Rowleys drive , slowed a little for the speed bumps over the railway, there’s the sports social club, down drive , there’s a space , the registration desk folks are looking at me, get out of car, and register I have a £10 note lucklily in my bumbag- fill out registration form .

Hey why did they only give me £5 back – I’m sure its 4 £ for club runners .
Find and chat with Buckley runners, race due in 2-3 mins , but dint start for 10mins. I start near back , and amble along for the lap of the sports field, ok so go forward a few places ok, out onto the Dee banks path go past 1-2 more sorry Hazel, 3 more, then the path goes uneven and to other sports field, and loops and through long grass and bumpy paths – I ease off , let 1-2 pass. And decide to go steady for remainder a couple more loops , then back east on river bank 200yds I stay just behind man who passed me and turn to the sports club – just as we get on the grass I have gone past him , a woman is ahead 20yds with 100yds to finish , I create gap between me and follower, and not sure whether I can catch woman ahead, but at the finish she’s probably 10yds ahead if that.

I finish approx 5 miles in 38 minutes. Ok the chap behind finishes – shakes my hand, he wanted to catch me if 10yds difference , but once I passed him I was going for it. I told him I was running a marathon in 10 days – oh.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Tapering starts here for the Marathon

Friday 3rd June 10 miles
Saturday rest
Sunday sprint up hill repititions , 2:08 warm up then 2:02, 2:00, 157. 1:57 & 1:58
max heart rate ar 181 at end of one rep , and down to 140 on downhill, now under 90 typing this before stretchin and washing !