Saturday, January 29, 2005

Buckley runners 2

my second run with Buckley runners, was Thursday27th. A 7.5 mile run Buckley to Mold then through Alltami to the Liverpool road and back up the long hill to Buckley. Coach Les ran with me most of the run. thanks Les. Which we completed in around 1hr5mins- a fair speed - for me. hard at times, good to complete it and banish the blues of a poor 10k. Optimism is back

Saturday, January 22, 2005

2 Piers Race Llandudno to Colwyn Bay

i ran this race today. Rain , showers, drizzle, little wind. The start delayed- must have been delays in getting folks on the busses at Colwyn Bay.
My run - not too good 50minutes 13 seconds. Just not a good day, maybe the 6 mile run with Buckley runners Thursday tired me ? Not blaming Buckley runners. I should just get fitter. Todays route could be set for a personal best - long flat run along the prom at LLandudno, then up a ? 500yd hill around the little Orme, Penrhyn Bay, then along the prom to Colwyn Bay. Just wasnt my day . maybe next time .
Now to plan other races
? Village Bakery Wrexham 1/2 m
Coniston 14?
Blackpool marathon
but need to get better pace than today.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Buckley runners

driving home from Wrexham tonight in the pouring rain. Had i made the right decision to go and try out the Buckley Runners running club.
By the time i got home the rain has eased to a drizzle and stopped.
So soon after 6:40 i drove to the Elfed High school sports centre in Buckley asked at the reception portacabin for runners-into the building they meet on the coridor. I met coach Les and around 10 others. and realised they were meeting at the Buckley runners poster board. Handy as it had the reults of the Abergele 5mile race in November with my name and 39min time on page 3. Les says with Buckey runners my name should be on page 1 !!
so to the run - strange really - as it was back to Mold the way i had driven , then out again to Altami and New Brighton turn right and a long pull back into Buckley to the school - around 6 miles. And a big thanks to James for running with me, even though he was telling me of his 30 odd minute 10k times etc .
A good run thanks folks
and onto Colwyn bay for the Twin Piers on Saturday for me , and good luck to folks going in the 4 villages Helsby 1/2 marathon
Perhaps the Wrexham 1/2 for me ?

Monday, January 03, 2005

running blog 2005

in this second post i am back running. Having run nearly 700 miles in 2004. I have to find some running ambitions for this year. Over the next few days i'll work these out. to beat last years best 1/2 marathon of 1hr 48? to beat my pb for 10k of 47min 30. Or to put lots of effort and time and prepearation and focus to do another marathon .
Running so far this year
new years day approx 3 miles
tonight a great hilly 4 miles , rather slow tonight , 40min 26sec, but all the route is hill, up or down. approx 1.5 miles up hill (Mold to Gwernymnydd) then 1/2 miledown hill to Cadole then return. In the glorious wind and dark- but only around 400yds without streetlights.
running hints ?- if running downhill, enjoy and give thanks for gravity
if running up hill, enjoy the view, enjoy the fact that height is acheived through your own efforts.
running in wind - enjoy the wind behind, when the wind is in your face -head down and enjoy own efforts
total miles this year approx7
what are your running ambitions this year