Saturday, May 28, 2005

Around Flintshire 20mile -scorcher

Yesterday evening was time for another long run- in North Wales during the day the weather was hot ~20C. So i set off for the 20miler at 1840hrs ish with 2 bottles of 5five electrolyte drink, and jelly babies in the bumbag.
All going well, A541 towards Wrexham , flat for 6miles then left through Hope to Lower mountain road, 2-3 miles long and quet and views over Cheshire & Deeside & Wirral. Then uplhill , over a footbridge over the A55, then a quiet lane downhill then uphill to Hawarden. Left at Hawarden through Ewloe, under the A494 at Ewloe roundabout, through Northophall turn right then left to Northop lights , then for the 4 mile jog home. Coming into Northop i phoned Nige on my mobile, couldnt persuade him to run , it was 2130ish, but i was offered water sustenance , so i jogged slowly up the Northop,Sychdyn hill through to his house for a welcome rest and water and cold flannel. Then a 2 mile v slow jog home 25mins
It felt painful on arrival home- my hamstrings had tightened up. And cos of this and the very slow jog i felt down. It probably didnt help that my MP3player/radio gave up working at 10miles - i didnt need it then but it would have been most welcome later.
A very welcome pint of skimmed milk, then a smoothy pear pineapple banana apple juice did help.. .

I did try Paula Radcliffe's remedy - but not quite,- i'm not brave enough for the ice bath -so after my luke warm shower- i sprayed cold water on my seized hamstrings - a bit numb, but better.
Then onto the internet to share experiences with the blackpool marathon crowd on the forumsites do help to cheer each other up, and lots are doing long runs this weekend.
Now its Saturday evening i have got over the mental anguish /pain of the run, and can see myself running the 26.2 at Blackpool in 3 weeks - after all there cant be the hills i endured yesterday !Tonight to celebrate with a Murphys and a takaway curry


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