Thursday, May 12, 2005

2 weeks 2 races -what different weather !

A couple of weeks ago I managed a midweek 17miles,
from home flat route towards Wrexham for a loop of 9miles then 2 to Sychdyn 3 with Nigel and Mike , and 2 returning to Mold, and feeling good another 1/2mile past home then back . A another good run , with only feeling realy tired in the last mile, up the hill past home and back. A bit low at mile 11 before getting to Sychdyn, but great running with Nigel and Mike for those 3 miles.
Then May 1st the half marathon at Craig Aderyn, Tywyn, Mid Wales. My first run in Buckley runners kit. Pondering whether the vest/singlet would be too cold. BUT after the first mile or so - well warm on an overcast day. The race started at 1200, and luckily the sun only came out to make it Hot in the last mile or so. A good run 1 hour 48:08. Certainly a race to be recommended but not a pb course- due to the long hill out of Tywyn ten undulating quiet lanes around the Craig Aderyn/ Bird Rock. After a difficult middle of the race when a few club runners overtook me , from mile 10 to 12 running back to the village i was being caught by alocal runner - but that spurred me on to drive forward on the flat to the finish. He only overtook me in the village at around 12.5 miles. Thanks - just what a needed.
That built up for the longest run of the year the South Cheshire 20 on May 8th. A little chat was generated about this on teh discussion forums; including those of us planning for the Blackpool Marathon.
Following a warm week- the weather broke at the weekend - showers of rain then worse !
At registration in Shavington High school i met up with Sarah from Radcliffe running club- also aiming for 9 minute miles. great. good to chat at a good steady pace of 8:30min miles to 8:50. Even through the heavy rain and hailstone showers. They are right to describe the race as UNDULATING- it is hilly, with a good steep one at mile 9 or so.
All in all a great race - on reflection relatively comfortable, chatting the miles went by. I was tiring at mile 16-18, and remembered to use the diversionay tactics- devoting the race and running to my friends and naming them , especially those who cannot run due to illnesses or injuries. AT mile 18 i couldn't keep up with Sarah and i plodded home. Acheivement - under 3 hours which was my aim. How can i do another 6 miles in a few weeks , as those last 2miles were hard? But hey positive thinking - that was a hilly 20- that MUST equal 22+ miles on the flat . Positive .


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